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Be a French Marketing Contributor

You do a quick French query on a search engine and the French translation does not come out as you expected? Here is how you can help refine the translations available online.

The results you yielded below proposes that French Marketing can be translated as “the lady (feminine) of marketing” or suggests “the version french of marketing.

Basically, you can’t use that and you wish to share your French Marketing Vocabulary with the world? Now you can!

Bonus if you spot the two mistakes. Read all the way down for a hint.

French Marketing Online Tools

Marketing in French

French Marketing Search

First, conduct a quick search Exact Match (that’s when the keywords you are using match exactly to what has been indexed online – basically it is usually more precise) to determine what is the volume of queries on each term you are proposing. Consider the sources that appear in the SERP. Pay close attention to results provided by government, universities and reputable news sources. Once you have selected the best choice based on volume you can proceed to Step 2.

Le marketing en français

French Marketing Search

Ready to extend the French Marketing Vocabulary Online

Log in to a session so you can enable the editing functions of the translation tool. Click on the “Wrong” Button and proceed to the next panel.

Marketing in French

Wrong French Marketing Terms

Contribute to the Online Translation Tool

In the open translation results enter your corrected version. This will be added to future potential translation results. You may or may not be cited as a contributor but you should be proud that you have helped French Marketers everywhere!

Marketing in French

Contribute to French Marketing

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Bonus Answer: Did you spot the exclamation in the French results? In French there is a space.

Hope it helps!


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